Logo: Smiling blue message bubble with text NomTxt Takeout Without Checkout

App Logo and Tagline

Logo for literary & art magazine

Logo for novelty tshirt line

Logo: Barcoded Heart with Wings with text Last Angels

Ready to Wear Clothing Line Logo

Logo: A row of books mimics a city skyline with text Pingo Sooch├ęt

Publishing Company Website

Logo: A cat is curled up on a box with text Warm Kitty Institute

Cat Website Logo

Logo: White ghost on a round black background with a red "no" banner across the middle  and text: Ghost Away

Ghost Protection Kit Logo

Logo: Round abstract design with a pink starburst and text thru the middle left side: BOOMFLEX

Technology Agency Logo

Round Abstract logo with text BOOMFLEX is your heavy

Tech Agency Alt Logo Horizontal

Logo: silhouette of four animals against the silhouette of a bear. Dog, Goose, Cat, and Rabbit. Text: CT Votes for Animals

Lobbying Organization Logo

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